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Summer Camp – Cornwall

Date: 24th Aug 2019 Author: Luke Cohen

28th Sept – 3rd Aug 2018

Our Scouts and Explorers travelled miles in the group minibus to Cornwall this summer, why? I hear you ask, well why not.

We stayed at a Scout campsite called the Nine Ashes where we cooked our own food on open fire and slept in tents, well for most the week we slept in tents, for the rest of the week we got to sleep in hammocks attached to the tree’s in the woods, it was so awesome and cool, I mean think about it we were suspended from the ground by two trees and sleeping out in the open, I mean who doe’s that?

To start the week off, the weather was rainy and windy, however, it was still nice and warm and the rain was very refreshing. We started our week by checking out the local areas including the local beach where we got to build sand castles, explore small caves and the best part, eat ice cream, come on everyone loves ice cream, especially Ben and Jerrys ice cream. When we were at the Beach we went to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay where we got to see Turtles, Sea Horses, Sting Rays and ‘Oh my God’ we got to see Sharks, like real life sharks swimming right next to us, it was soo cool.

We also did some pioneering where we had to build a free-standing structure with only poles and it had to carry our weight, that was a little harder then we expected we may have had a little help but don’t tell anyone it’s our little secret, after completing the challenge of a free-standing object we all could sit on, we all headed into the woods to do a little bit on teamwork by balancing on crates and seeing how high we can stack them and it was actually pretty fun.

After Stacking Crates and pioneering we got to the best activity on site, Quad Bikes! We got to ride around a track multiple times and we also got to ride through the forest of the campsite near the end of our session.

Karl very kindly used the Jack Petchy money he got to pay and organise a trip for us to a fun an awesome water park place with a huge inflatable course that we got to run around and fall into the water, it was really good fun.

There is still some more we haven’t shared with you yet but that isn’t because we have forgotten its because we can show some of it to you in our YouTube video,

please watch, enjoy and like, oh yeah, don’t forget to share it.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls