A Squirrel and Beaver setting a shining example

Date: 16th Jun 2024 Author: Katie Sturgess

Scouting siblings Alex and Hannah have become one of the few young members in the nation to accomplish every activity badge available to Squirrels and Beavers.

Alex is a Squirrel, our newest section for children aged 4-5 which opened at the 1st New Cross Scout Group in 2022. Squirrels have 12 exciting activity badges to try, such as Explore Outdoors, Get Creative and Brilliant Builder, which Alex has added to his collection. His favourite of all the Squirrel badges was the Space Explorer badge, because he loves space! Hannah is in Beavers, for ages 6-8. She has earned all 23 Beaver activity badges, learning about things like Money Skills, Space and Communication. Her favourite badge to work on was the Explore badge, because got to go rockpooling!

Not only this, both Alex and Hannah are quickly counting up nights spent away on camps and sleepovers, and they are both determined to go on as many hikes as possible in their spare time. From the outset, Hannah and Alex have demonstrated a keen enthusiasm for learning new skills and tackling new challenges. We’re sure that their achievements will inspire other young members to have a go at trying new badges. Well done and congratulations – we wish you all the very best on your next adventure in Scouting!

If your young member is keen to try new badges in their spare time, check out the badges on the Scout Website.

Alex with Squirrel volunteers Thumper and Badger

Hannah with Beaver volunteer Otter, and group lead volunteer Skippy.














Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls