We Collect Sainsbury Vouchers Every Year.


We collect Sainsburys vouchers every year but year after year we struggle to compete with schools who get Thousands from there couple hundred kids who attend every day. Every year were lucky to get near 600 vouchers and thats just with 50 members and friends helping us out.
Sainsburys allow us to bank our vouchers to use for the following year, however we can only bank 1 years worth of vouchers at a time so we have to use or loose our vouchers every 2 years.
Sainsburys offers very little under 1,200 vouchers which is where we struggle to be able to get useful equipment for our Members.


Active Kids Rewards:


- 2010
  • (2010) Group Micro Wave

- 2011
  • Group Camera + SD Card
  • Tent Repair Kits x4

- 2012
  • Basket Ball Hoop

  • Table Tennis Equipment

  • Bird Boxes x12

  • 2x Sainsbury's Plants

- 2013
  • Bear Grylls Surival Kits x2
- 2014
  • Tea Towels x2

  • Camp Cutlery Sets x13

  • All Purpose Hold-all Pack x4

  • Wooden Plant Tags + Labels

- 2015: 

Our Active Kids Rewards

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