We are currently in the Amber Readiness Level, which means Section meetings can take place outdoors only. Keep up to date with our COVID Rules here Scouts & Covid

Bringing everyone back together safely – starting to prepare

Updated 29 /03/2021
How are the Sections meeting?


Beavers: Face to Face from 23rd

Cubs: Face to Face

Scouts: Face to Face

Explorers: Face to Face

Email us at: Join@1stnewcross.co.uk
If you would like to join our meetings, Please provide Parent’s name, the young person’s name, the young person’s age, and the DOB. If you are emailing to Volunteer, please do state this in the email, let us know if you have an idea of what section you’d like to help with and if you have volunteered or been a Scout before. 🙂

Readiness Level: Orange

How are we keeping safe?

To keep all our Young People and leaders safe we are following the Government and NYA rules and guidelines.

Firstly, we have organized and marked out a one-way system, entering via our side gate on Tack Mews where young people/guests will be asked to either make their way to the outdoor bubble or the indoor bubble, the indoor bubble entering via the back door and when instructed exiting via the main door where both bubbles at alternative times will exit via the main gate. The Main Gate is now a NO ENTRY unless entered upon the user of the premises when opening up.

Readiness Level: RED

How we are continuing?

All sections will try their best to provide an online program for our young people. Section leaders are trying their best to provide a fully online program to provide our young people, we strongly believe by continuing our meetings provides a lot to our families and our young people in this time.

Our sessions are run via Zoom where meeting details will be given out moments before each meeting, young people will sit in a waiting room until invited in by the leaders. All leaders run by strict Safeguarding policies set by the Scout Association to make sure everyone is kept safe in these meetings.

Section Subscriptions?

We still require weekly subscriptions even when online, however, we do understand if you are affected by the lockdowns, if this affects you from being able to provide subscriptions please do contact your section leader privately. Subscriptions, especially during this time are important for our group as this is the only income we have coming into the group to keep providing for our young people to ensure we can still provide for them after lockdown and restrictions calm down.

As a group, we are unable to provide fundraisers or let out our facilities for agreed donations during these times. We are continually on the lookout for any funding we can find to help provide our group to deliver fun activities for our young people, If you know of any funding we can apply for please do let us know at group@1stnewcross.co.uk. Please do check our Fundraising page to see ways you can help support our group during these tough times.

We have placed signs indicating 2m distancing along Tack Mews as guests line up to enter via the side

gate, we also have signs asking for face coverings to be worn. As of 24th Sept 2020, we are now required to display NHS QR codes for those that enter our premises to scan with the NHS app (more info here) this helps the NHS track and trace COVID-19, These posters can be found in the noticeboard at the front gate, on the fence down Tack Mews, on the Brown shed as you enter and also one placed inside the main building.


Placed on the Brown shed as you enter the side gate is a Hand Sanitiser Dispenser which we ask you to please use as you enter the premises, there is also one found inside the main building for those in the inside bubble. Outside on our premises, we have installed two new lights and with thanks to

our resident Guides, we have managed to place up 3 Gazebo so we can continue with outdoor sessions

and limit any risks.

We are constantly checking the correct sources for updates and news and adjusting how we plan things to keep everybody safe.

Please click play to listen to Arkela explain how we are staying safe.

Any questions please do ask any of the leaders or email us at group@1stnewcross.co.uk

Our Keeping Safe Code

I will help keep everyone safe by…

  • Following instructions given to me by a leader.
  • staying in my group until I am back home.
  • Doing my best to stay at least 1 meter from others.
  • Cleaning my hands when I arrive and before I go home.
  • Not coming along to activities if I or my family are unwell.
  • Bringing my own water bottle with my name on it.

This code will assure we all can still enjoy Scouting during COVID.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls