Tag Finder

Up to 40 tags to find, How many have you found?

Who started Tag Finder?

Tag Finder was started by the Scout Leaders of the 1st New Cross, they wanted to come up with an idea that could be FUN, EXCITING and ENTERTAINING for the community, whilst providing this fun little activity they hoped it would let the community know that WE are Scouts and WE are here, come to join or say hello. Scouts love helping the community and love activities so what a better way to mix the two.


What is Tag Finder?

All around the SE4 area of London are small tags like the one above, they are placed in many different locations, some easy to find and some hard to find. Think of Tag Finder like a treasure hunt. Once found you will find a QR code and a number on the back of each tag, scan the code with a QR scanner on your phone and see what happens.


Why is it a Secret?

Shhh! its a secret! We are being very quiet about Tag Finder, to begin with, we are not advertising it nor telling anyone about it. We just want to wait and see the communities reaction when they start to come across them. Will you let your mates know where they are? or will you find them all to your self?


When did Tag Finder start?

The first Tag was hidden in summer 2018, where we shall not name but let’s say this is an easy but hard one to find and its where it all started.


Where did Tag Finder start?

Where everything good starts, at home!